Projects and some achievements

Past and recent projects we carried out 



  1. Agriculture:-The Local council development Area’s basic objective for Agricultural sectors is to achieve a substantial turnaround of the sectors in:
  2. Food supply
  3. Unemployment reduction.

iii.      Poverty reduction.

  1. Supply of raw materials to industries.
  2. Poultry farming project


  1. Education:-The government aims at using education as an

instrument of change and means for accelerated development, towards this end, the council aims at:

  1. Making education available, relevant, accessible and affordable to all.

Ii       Ensuring immediate and long term social and economic returns

from education.

Road Transport

  1. ROAD AND TRANSPORT:- The Local government is determined to

establish a network of roads that   will make a longer part of the area accessible.

Primary Health Care Service


  1. Monthly stocking of Local Government Development Area Maternity Centers with drugs.
  2. Participating in Roll Back malaria with purchased and distribution of mosquito nets to nursing mothers.

iii.      Funding and participating in all immunization programmes.

  1. Renovation of maternity Centre at Oke-ola Igangan

Environmental and Health Service


  1. Chlorinization of deep wells in Council Area.
  2. Organizing community mobilization and sensitization on control of communicable diseases.

iii.      Evacuation of refuse and cleaning of drainage.

Present Achievements


  1. Grading of feeder roads and channelization of the water ways for easy movement of flood in the Local Council Development Area.
  2. Repair of Big diesel engine generator at Idiope Primary Health Care Center.

iii.      Extension of electric wire cables from that Generator to the secretariat complex offices

  1. Replacement and repair of some roofing sheets of the secretariat building by the storm.