Ibarapa North West Local Council Development Area with its Headquarter at Igangan was created by Former Gov. Abiola Ajimobi led Administration in Oyo State in August 2016 from Ibarapa North Local Government.

The Council shares boundaries with Ibarapa North in the East, Iwajowa/Igana Local Government in the North, Benin Republic in the West and Egbado North Local Government in the South. It is situated in the Ibarapa/Ibarapa Zonal Area of Oyo State. It is a one town Council having several villages  and hamlets located around its nook and crannies.

The Council has a total of 68 Polling units, the residents are predominantly Yoruba speaking people of Oyo Origin. The major occupations of the people of the Council Area are Farming, Trading, Artisan.


EGUNGUN FESTIVAL:- Egungun worshipping in Yoruba land is as old as the society itself. The festival was or is borne out of the Yoruba belief in re-incarnation, that is why Egungun Masquerade has the sobriquet “Ara orun kinkin” that is somebody from the spirit world.

The celebration of Egungun festival varies from one town to the other in Yoruba land. But here in Ibarapa North/West Local Council Development Area, Igangan it is being observed once in three years.

The Festival has a duration of seven good days as announced by the Alagbaa who is the head of all masquerades. During the seven days, outing period, all Egungun masquerades will assemble at a given place possibly and probably Oja-Oba or Ojude Oba, where they will have to pray by pouring libation for the peaceful co- existence of the society and banishment of all pestilence, and prayer for economic prosperity. Aside from this, some of them display their magical prowess such as changing to animals, conjuring paper money, eggs e.t.c just to entertain the people.

Seven families are notable for Egungun worshiping at igangan and their names are as follow.

  1. Ojedapo family
  2. Alapinni family
  3. Alagbaa family
  4. Adepoju family
  5. Aare oje family
  6. Pengele family
  7. Mogaji family
  8. Ojepate family


Under recurrent updates, Igangan day celebration in one to be wreckoned with. It comes up once a year in a colourful manner. The aim and objective of Igangan day celebration is to bring together all sons/ daughters of Igangan town to robb minds together on the development of the town. Hence this brought about happiness among the people. However, the title/topic of this event is “Igangan Day Celebration”

It is a yearly event that has no fixed date/time. The venue of the event is Igangan High School Play Ground. The event normally attracted dignitaries from all over Nigeria/Abroad. Special quests include The Governors, Kabiyesis from other towns, the Political Functionaries, Business men/women.